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Brooklyn Voice Interview by Eric Goldstein

'Who Am I' profile on PMC-Magazine

'Photos to Feast On' By Cynthia Behr Warso, May 17th, 2012

Art Seen: Marne's Mandwich- a look at 'Mandwich Redux', a new exhibition by Marne Lucas
By Lori Zimmer, May 2012

Interview by Danielle Georgiou, CentralTrak Artist Residency


New York Magazine
by Jerry Saltz

Marne Lucas, The Operation, infrared erotic film
Film still from 'The Operation' a film by Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas
Hotter Than July: A Sexploration'
NY Studio Gallery,

West Linn Tidings

Marne Lucas artist activist


Portland: Eco-Art Central
art ltd.

Marne Lucas Self-portrait
by Richard Speer, March 2009 Issue

....Artist Marne Lucas is also interested in the union of man and nature--or, more often, woman and nature. In her ongoing self-portrait series, she reaches for and often attains a quasi-mystical melding of subject matter--herself as stylized earth mother--and her natural surroundings. In Lichen Anklepanties, clad only in an inscrutable fungal undergarment, she opens herself to a great, moss-covered tree, a vision of impregnation that is wryly, if obviously, metaphoric: phallic verticality bisecting recumbent
soil as the tree, with its cones and seeds, implants new life into fertile ground.

....Conkle and Lucas continue this chipper, glass-half-full tack in projects they undertake in the collective they helm, Blinglab. The group espouses a style they dub "Eco-Baroque," a glittery fantasy world that, according to Conkle, incorporates motifs such as "rainbows, mounds and strands of moss, crystals, geodes, seashells, and honeycombs." In February 2009, (Conkle & Lucas') exhibition 'Warlord Sun King' at Marylhurst University's "Art Gym" riffed on Louis XIV-era extravagance, dolling up the gallery as Versailles' Hall of Mirrors, except with aluminum foil in lieu of mirrored panels and recycled paint instead of gilding. Ecology does not necessarily equal apocalypse, (they) suggest, nor must eco-art's earnestness curdle into the dour; there is wit, fun, and even eye candy to be had at the dawn of the Eco-Baroque.


RE: Dudes Night Out
Linfield Gallery

The Oregonian , A&E Magazine, March 16, 2007 D.K. Row

Thursday 03.22.07
´RE: Dude's Night Out' by Arcy Douglass

Marne Lucas' Blow and Hole (2004)

'....So what is a white girl dressed like a rapper or a gangster doing on a beach in Hawaii? .... Is it the juxtaposition of two very different social stereotypes (the beach bunny and the rapper) that make it funny and ironic? So her work begins, to be a blending of all of these seemingly opposite ideas: urban/suburban, white/black, rich/poor, and masculine/feminine just to name a few. One set of ideas are transposed to a new location (or body) for a completely different meaning.



Oregonian A&E Marne Lucas
The Oregonian , A&E Magazine, December 29, 2006
Rachel Neugarten

Marne Lucas self portrait
An Interview with Marne Lucas

Artist Marne Lucas and I took brief respites from our densely packed holiday schedules to sit down for an electronic bi-coastal conversation about her current exhibition, Sitting City: Portland Artist Portraits. The images of local artists created for Sitting City were partially funded by a RACC (Regional Arts and Culture Council) project grant, and represent a small cross-section of Lucas's ongoing project of capturing the appearance and essence of her artistic peers. read more here

PORT, December 27, 2006
Jessica Bromer

Marne Lucas Willamette Week
Willamette Week, December 13, 2006
Richard Speer

Marne Lucas Just Out
Just Out, November 17, 2006
Jim Radosta

AMUSEMENT @ homestar
Richard Speer, Willamette Week, January 25, 2006

Marne Lucas willamette week article
read more here

news and hangings
Kudos to local artist Marne Lucas and activist/journalist Teresa Dulce, who are curating an art and video installation through a program sponsored by the Whitney Museum of American Art. Danzine Retrospective, which opens today and runs through June 25 at the City University of New York, chronicles 10 years of the Portland magazine-turned-nonprofit sex-worker health organization. For more information, see Richard Speer, Willamette Week, May 18, 2005

Danzine Retrospective
Danzine- ...."Danzine, the now defunct nonprofit and magazine, advocated for the health and rights of the city's sex-workers with zeal and frankness. Its provocative legacy continues. Sort of. Two of the magazine's behind-the-scenes players, Tomi June Knutson and Marne Lucas, serve as archivists, preserving the history of the nonprofit magazine. Part of that history is also on view this month in New York in a group exhibit presented by the 2004-05 Helena Rubinstein Curatorial Fellows of the Whitney Museum of American Art. The show, "At The Mercy of Others: The Politics of Care," is a broad-minded survey that tries to "place care on a psychological continuum with guilt, obligation, narcissism, obsession, aggression and violence." Clearly, a lot of Big Ideas are going on in the exhibit. Works by Teresa Dulce and Lucas represent the Danzine history. The show features some mighty big names: Yoko Ono, Alfredo Jaar, Adrian Piper and Sophie Calle, among others. The Art Gallery of The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street. Details: 212-817-7386. D.K. Row, The Oregonian, A&E, Friday, May 20, 2005

Marne Lucas Corriere Della Sera
IO DONNA Magazine
Corriere Della Sera, Italy September 2005

IN APERTURA: 'Siamo Radical Non Chic' ('We are Radical Not Chic')

Written by Marzio G. Mian

Photography by Alessandro Cosmelli/Conrasto

Article about the liberal city of Portland Oregon

Published photo..."underground photographer Marne Lucas"

Unpublished photo: Marne Lucas with unique self-portrait mirror
'MLSP Beyatch'


Marne Lucas Self Portrait


Willamette Week Pick, September 30, 2004

NW Drizzle, Critical i
November 2004
by Jeff Jahn

"...New York lost its edge years ago ... and after Giuliani cleaned up Times Square, I suppose this is something direly needed in New York. But ... how lame! Our own Marne Lucas creates much stronger stuff in every possible way.
Lucas's "Undress For Success" satin bedspread was a showstopper in the transient decor room curated by Stuart Horodner."

Standard Arts Window

Portland Mercury

Willamette Week

The fifth dimension? Madeleine L'Engle didn't cover that one in A Wrinkle in Time. Check out some "polydimensional" works by local artists like Bruce Conkle, Cynthia Star, and Marne Lucas. Hall Gallery, 630 SE Third, Through Aug 15.

VISUAL ARTS LISTINGS Portland Mercury, July 1, 2004.

86 VP/ML@Aalto Lounge- Marne Lucas has done a splendid job of curating the exhibits at this Southeast Portland bar, giving a deep and funky cross-section of Portland artists space on the walls: Corky Miller, Mona Superhero, Eric Stotik and Tom Cramer, among others. Lucas, who bartends at the Aalto, is saying adios to the job and to curating ( Swing by from 8 p.m. to midnight Monday for a goodbye art sale, a glimpse at Lucas' last curated show...and to raise a toast to Lucas on her last shift. Aalto Lounge is at 3356 S.E. Belmont -- D.K. Row, The Oregonian, A&E, June 30, 2004
Savage Gallery

Portland Mercury
'State of Affairs'
by Chas Bowie
April 22, 2004

"In other works themes of desire and alienation weigh heavily. Marne Lucas, a local photographer best known for her alterna-glam sexy nudes, displays an installation of mirrored self-portraits that spans eight years. With transformative appearances in scenarios that range from fashionable to outhouse, one detects a true sense of searching for belonging in the world."
NW Drizzle
Jeff Jahn
May 1, 2004

"For something closer to civilian life, Marne Lucas' self-portraits with mirrors and other reflections are less impassive and more revealing. Sometimes she's sexy, sometimes it looks like Velazquez's "Las Meninas" with a cast of court players playing out roles.
I don't know the people, so it's difficult to decode. At other times, like her turn at impersonating a zoot-suited boy, she questions how she is defined and records it like a memory as a secondary image.
Oh yes, a defiant boy is just being a bad boy. But a defiant girl is still largely unacceptable."

Cheeseburger-Dream Patriotism
The Oregonian - Portland,OR, USA
Harvest Henderson, Special to the Oregonian
April 30, 2004

... "Ubiquitous local artist Marne Lucas exhibits a photographic study in
identity and contrast, "MLSP 1996-2004 (Self Portraits in Mirrors)."

Shows of Note
The Oregonian - Portland,OR,USA
D.K. Row
April 23, 2004

... From early '80s silkscreens by Tad Savinar to photographic diaries
by the doyenne of the Portland art underground, Marne Lucas, Horodner's
interests and tastes are as diffuse as the times we live in. ...

The Art Nucleus

4 of Spades, 2004 Marne Lucas, model: Luxe

Excluding Erotic Art
The Oregonian A&E
D.K. Row
January 23, 2004

'Reclaiming the Gaze'
by Carl Heyward
Art Papers June 2001

Marne Lucas Art Papers