Oregon's Natural Resources

Oregon prides itself on it's varied and bountiful nature: an abundance of rivers, gorgeous mountains and dense forests. Lucas presents a humorous new take on the green that keeps Oregon beautiful: 'Oregon's Natural Resources' where old growth meets the modern pin up girl.
"Most people don't realize what a nature girl I am!" says Lucas, who has lived in Oregon since the age of two. Shot in the summers of 2002 & 2003, Lucas documents her friends lounging in nature as though it were their own dressing room. Usually making pin up photos indoors, here she explores natural light and the sensuous side of timber while presenting the notion that the the individualistic beauty of Oregon women is to be treasured as a natural resource. As female flesh makes up much of her palette, these resources are what keeps Lucas making her photographs in Oregon.
"Wood is sexy, the varying colors of wood mimick fleshtones. I wanted to make the presence of different kinds of natural wood as sexy as the girls are. While most of the work features girls among existing forests, timber, logs, driftwood and stumps; two images show the models deliberately framed by post-nature wood products- 'Eva' the model is caged by a 2 x 4 plywood sculpture made by Portland architect James Harrison, and music diva Storm Large is portrayed as a love doll unpacked from her recycled cardboard box by an unseen owner.

Self portrait on boat with Angela & Melissa and Tree Girl

ONR Special Thanks:
ting: Jason Tlush
Mats: Todd Williams
Framing: Paul Green
Models: Angela, Ashana, Bernadette, Eva, Krys, Maya, Megan, Melissa, Olivia, Storm.
Fashion Designers: Claire La Faye/Seaplane, Paola LaMorticella/Itch
Stylists: Olivia Miles, Bernadette Spears
Hair & Makeup: Angela Baldwin
Props: Joe Samek
Locations: Kurt Ehrler, Corky Miller
ONR is an ongoing series of chicks & logs.
This show is dedicated to the memory of her friend and model Ashana Chenoa.


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