Full Metal Window by Marne Lucas
Standard Arts Window
July 15-August 15, 2004
1715 NW Lovejoy

Curated by Eva Lake

These images are inspired by the saturated colors & chrome-like textures found in amusement parks; and by the heavy metal and hip hop music played on my favorite rides, the Gravitron and the Matterhorn. Bling, reflections, pop culture and humor are recurring themes in my work.


Marne Lucas self portrait
installation view

Marne Lucas self portrait
39 x 54"

Beyatch Blanket Blingo
30 x 40"

This window project is two unique self portraits,
die cut and mounted on plex mirror and framed in gold, ornate plaster frames.
In Brained the lightening bolts are the only section in which the mirror is revealed.
The sign lettering is made of shaped aluminum foil...

Marne Lucas Just Out

Full Metal Window
Portland Mercury Pick

Marne Lucas
Willamette Week Pick