A Portland Modern group show & catalogue
Curated by Kristan Kennedy & Mathew Stadler

Disjecta July 14 - August 26, 2006
Templeton Building, 230 East Burnside

Written language is my first love, visual art is second; I seem to cram layers of narrative into my visual vocabulary of photographic and installation work.

While composing images I am openly curious to what is immediately available while superimposing my own questions and answers within the frame of the viewfinder:
“what is the effect of change? why the breakneck pace of our culture? who lost this object? who suffered in this moment? what is it about the surface tension of skin, of water, that I obsess over? does nature need us?” -and so on.

Merging visual beauty and abstract yet positional narrative are what constitutes the ‘saturation point’ in my work.

This image was made while on residency at Caldera.

'Pink Blind' 2006
24 x 36"chromagenic digitalC-Print, edition of 5.