Caldera Artist Residency
Blue Lake Site - January 2006

Artists Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas developed their puppet show
The Untold Misadventures Of Lewis and Clark while on a month long residency.
They are co-founders of the artist collective Blinglab, and will be performing their project later this year.

Blinglab Bruce Conkle Marne Lucas
Blinglab Co-Founders Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas
Marne Lucas Self Portrait
ML at Blue Lake

Blinglab Bruce Conkle
Bruce making a snowman
Blinglab at Caldera
Caldera Lodge
Blinglab Marne Lucas
ML as Safety-Jawea

Blinglab at Caldera
Blinglab Studio
Blinglab at Caldera Artist Residency
Sewing in our cabin
Blinglab Puppet Show
Blinglab Presentation, photo by Jake O'Donnel