BORN- Honolulu, Hawaii


2013 'Incident Energy' Multi-channel IR video installation, Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Portland, OR.
2012 'Mandwich: Redux' Sin City Art Gallery, Curated by Dr. Laura Henkel. Color photographs.
2009 'Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco Baroque' Installation with Bruce Conkle, The Art Gym at Marylhurst University. Curated by Terri Hopkins.
'Eco Baroque: Universal Variation' PSU Smith Memorial Student Union Public Art + Residency Projects: State of Oregon Percent for Art Program'. Installation with Bruce Conkle.
2006 'Sitting City: Portland Artist Portraits' Mark Woolley Gallery, color photo series.

2015 "Sousveillance: Inverse Surveillance" shorts program Olympia Film Festival, WA. 'The Operation' infrared video.
2015 'Sodom& Gomorrah, Milk &Salt' short film. OUTsider LGBTQIA Film & Arts Festival, Austin, TX.
2014 'You Don't Know Me' Portrait show, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, Oregon. Photography.
2014 'The International Invitational Biennial of Contemporary Windchimes, Rocksbox Fine Art, Portland, OR.
'The Operation' The Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco, CA.
2013 'Hotter Than July 2' Curated by Savannah Spirit. Gallery TBA, New York, NY.
2012 'Land Art Mongolia 360°Biennial' 'Eco-Baroque' installation with Bruce Conkle, Gobi Desert, symposium and exhibition at Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbataar.
'Beyond Landscape' Marin Community Foundation, WEAD. Color photographs.
'Modern Love' Mayson Gallery, New York City.
'The Object of My Affection' EL 1B, San Juan, Puerto Rico, curated by Juan Alberto Negroni.
'CircleWerk' CentralTrak, University of Texas at Dallas. Exhibition, lecture.
2011 'Gun& Knife Show' CentralTrak, University of Texas at Dallas, curated by Heyd Fontenot.
'Hotter Than July' NY Studio Gallery, NYC. Curated by Savannah Spirit. Film, color photographs.
2010 'Album: Artists Portraits of Artists' The Art Gym at Marylhurst University, 30th Anniversary.
'PORTLAND2010' Biennial of Contemporary Oregon Art, Disjecta, 'Warlord Sun King' installation.
'BYOA' X -Initiative, New York City, color photographs of artist portraits, self-portraits.
2009 'The Operation', Copenhagen Int'l Documentary Film Festival. Jacob Pander & Marne Lucas.
'Juried Exhibition' New Space Gallery, Portland Oregon. Curated by TJ Norris.
'Limelight' Alexander Gallery, Clackamas Community College, curator Jeff Jahn.
2007 'RE: Dudes Night Out' Linfield Gallery, Linfield College, curated by Cris Moss, Self-portrait.
2006 'Signs of Life', The Contemporary Art Gallery, Atlanta GA, Self-portrait dyptich photographs.
'Saturation' Disjecta Art Gallery, color photographs, catalogue
'Fresh Trouble' curated by Jeff Jahn, 'East Coast, West Coast' unique lightbox.
'Micro-Scope' Manifest Artistry, Scope Hamptons, July 14-17, 2005, sculpture
'Affair @ The Jupiter Hotel', Portland, OR. 'Pearl Necklace' commemorative limited ed. multiple

2016 John Michael Kohler Artist Residency, brass foundry, porcelain ceramics for 'Bardo'. 4 months, Kohler, WI.
2016 COPA (Coalition of Photographic Arts) Milwaukee, WI. Guest lecture on photography
2014-15 Advisory Board Member, OUTsider Film & Arts Festival, LGBTQIA non-profit, Austin, TX.
2013-14 Good Shepherd Services, NYC guest teacher, photography class for at risk female clientele.
2013 RACC Project Grant 'Incident Energy' IR video with Jacob Pander, Key Collaborator.
2012 'Land Art Mongolia 360° Biennial'. Artist residency in Ikh Gazriin Chuluu Gobi Desert, Mongolia.
2012 CentralTRAK Artist residency and lectures, UT Dallas, Texas.
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Guest lecture 'Feminism, Pornography and Video'.
2009 Marylhurst University Press Publication Fund. 'Warlord Sun King' catalog.
2008-09 'PSU Smith Memorial Student Union Public Art + Residency Projects: State of Oregon Percent for Art Program'. Grant sponsored by the Oregon Arts Commission.
2008 RACC Project Grant. 'Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco-Baroque', with Bruce Conkle.
2006 RACC Project Grant, 'Portland Artist Portrait Series', photographs.
PICA T.B.A. Festival, puppet show 'Untold Misadventures of Lewis & Clark'.
Caldera Artist Residency, Blue Lake Site, Sisters OR, One month residency, Blinglab, presentation
2005 V-Gun Portland, OR. Co-curator. Bi-monthly art exhibitions, January - December 2005.
'Danzine Retrospective' CUNY Gallery, NYC, Co-curator with Teresa Dulce. 'At The Mercy of Others: The Politics of Caregiving' organized by '2005-2006 Whitney Museum Fellows.
Blinglab Artist Collective, Co-founder.
2003-November 2004, Curator to the Aalto Lounge; monthly exhibitions
2002-September 2003, Danzine Portland OR, Advisory Board Member to Non-Profit Agency.
2nd Sex by Sex Worker Film + Video Festival, Portland, Oregon, Co-Curator
1998 The 1st Annual Sex Worker Film + Video Festival, Portland OR, Co-Curator
ICA London, UK 'American Underground Film' 'The Operation' visiting artist, screening.
1995 'Best Experimental Film' The Operation' award, New York Underground Film Festival.

2015 'Dark Mountain' Issue 8, Techne', U.K. 'Incident Energy' b&w infrared video stills.
2013 'Best Installation of 2013' Willamette Week, by Richard Speer, 'Incident Energy'
2013 'Incident Energy', Willamette Week, review by Richard Speer, September 25, 2013
2013 'Incident Energy', Art and Science Journal, blog September 15, 2013
2012 'Mongolia 360?: 2nd Land Art Biennial' catalog. Essay by Anna Brietzke, 68 pages, color.
'XO ML' 'Brooklyn Voice' Interview by Eric Goldstein, May 2012 issue.
'Photos To Feast On' by Cynthia Behr Warso, Vegas Seven, May 17 issue.
'Henk Pander: Memory and Modern Life', Monograph, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University. Artist portrait photograph.
'PORTLAND2010' Catalog. Disjecta Contemporary Art. Warlord Sun King, by Conkle and Lucas.
2010 'Album: Artists Portraits of Artists' The Art Gym at Marylhurst University 30th Anniversary exhibition catalog. Essay-Terri Hopkins, Marylhurst University Press. Color.
2010 'TriMet MAX Green Line Public Art Guide', Photos of Bruce Conkle public art. Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon. Color, 60 pages.
2010 'Portland2010' Willamette Week, by Richard Speer, March 17, 2010
2009 'Warlord Sun King: The Genesis of Eco Baroque' Essay by Ryan Pierce, Marylhurst University Press. ISBN #0-914435-53-1, 20 pgs, color. Lucas and Conkle.
'Best of Visual Arts 2009' Willamette Week, by Richard Speer, Dec. 30, 2009
'Bruce Conkle & Marne Lucas @ The Art Gym' Big Red &, Micah J. Malone, March 2, 'Warlord Sun King, Art Gym' Willamette Week, by Richard Speer, March 11, 2009, review.

-National Mongolian Modern Art Museum, permanent collection. 'Crystal Rainbow' Eco-Baroque sculpture by Lucas & Conkle.
-Portland Art Museum, Terry Toedtemeier Memorial Collection, 'MLSP posing for Henk Pander' color photograph.
-Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union Public Art + Residency Projects: State of Oregon Percent for Art Program' permanent collection. 'Time, Space, Tuition, Differential' public art sculpture in lobby entrance, Eco-Baroque sculpture by Lucas & Conkle.