A juried group exhibition
May 30 - June 28, 2006

Froelick Gallery

Marne Lucas photo Beastiary

"Elk, Motel Shower" 2005
Photograph - Digital C-print
24" x 36" inches (edition of 5, 2 left)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

First Thursday pulses with vibrancy

"This group exhibition is called "Bestiary," taking its name and theme from illustrated medieval books that documented a variety of animals, some real, some imagined. More than 30 artists' work will be on view, but the highlight may be "Stephilius Rex -- roi des betes," Stephen O'Donnell's hilarious reinterpretation of classic portrait (or perhaps self-portrait) painting, in which a dashing, dandy-looking aristocrat proudly poses in what appears to be a fur animal costume."
And then there's the alternately kitschy and caustic photograph "Elk, Motel Shower" by Marne Lucas. A soft, silhouetted rendering of the majestically horned animal (seemingly a toy), it's at once kitschy and compelling.

Is It Art?

"Marne Lucas' 'Elk, Motel Shower' makes a comeback from a solo show she had late last year - and looks larger and more colorful in this rendition - its a bit spooky in an early David Levinthal way. This is, by far is one of her best works to date, saturated, rich in color, churning with regional symbolism."