Portraits_of_Artists an ongoing series

All shot on 35mm



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Storm Large and the Balls
Storm Large and The Balls, 2003

Klaartje Pander & Arno Coenen, Amsterdam, NL 2001
Marne Lucas kiddy pool
ML Kiddy Pool Self Portrait, 2003

Charles Wing
Filmmaker Charles Pinion
Venice Beach, CA 2003

Howie B
Howie B. Amsterdam, NL

Caitlin Troutman
Caitlin Troutman, Los Angeles, 2004

Chel White
Chel White, Newport Bay Aquarium, 2002

Curtis Phillips
Curtis Phillips, New York City

Pete Miser
Pete Miser, New York City 2003

Blake Nelson
Blake Nelson, Pendleton Oregon
Tina Gordon
Film maker, musician Tina Gordon
Stonehenge, Washington 2004
Paul Green
Painter, Paul Green, Portland Oregon

Gavin Wilson-reflection in pool, Bronx Botanical Garden
Steve Diet Goedde
Steve Diet Goedde, Portland Oregon 2003
Janet Weiss
Janet Weiss, Mallory Hotel, Portland
Sam Coomes
Sam Coomes, Mallory Hotel, Portland Oregon
James Bolton
James Bolton at Le Happy
Teresa Dulce & Marne Lucas
Teresa Dulce & Marne Lucas, Curators:
Sex By Sex Worker Film + Video Festivals

Charles Wing
Actor, Charles Wing

Teresa Dulce- for Too Much Coffee Man